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Apr 9 2018, 03:11 PM
The war between the Fangire had ended. Kurenai Wataru, Kamen Rider Kiva, had given his life to save the city and the world. His daughter Hikari and girlfriend Mio were left behind in the aftermath with his older brother Taiga Nobori, King of the Fangire Court. Over the next few years, things settled down, but like any peace, it wasn’t meant to last.

Ten years after Wataru’s death, a new King emerges from the shadows, having killed Taiga and stolen his power. With the Fangire Law reverting back to how it used to be, Kari has an uphill battle on her hands with the new King and trying to follow her mother’s advice.

Kari Kurenai/Kamen Rider Kiva: Kate
Mio: Kate
Sosuke Tachibana/Kamen Rider Dark Kiva: Daniel
Shotaro Hidari/Kamen Rider Joker: Daniel
Others: Both

Ten Years Ago

Kivat sighed as he flew through the window, landing on the table with a thunk. His wing was broken and he was about to pass out, but he knew he had to talk to Mio and Kari. “Mio-san,” he said, sitting up and fluttering over as best as he could, landing in her hands.

“Kivat, what’s happened? Where’s Wataru?” Mio asked.

Kivat looked down, taking a shaky breath. “Wataru…has fallen,” he whispered. “He used all of his power to take out King. Tatsulot and I barely made it away. Taiga was supposed to be here.”

“Kivat, no. No, don’t say that,” Mio whispered. “Wataru isn’t dead. No. I refuse to believe that!”

“Kaa-san?” Kari asked as she walked over, running her finger over Kivat’s head softly. “Kivat-chan, where’s Papa?” Kivat looked up at Kari and shook. “No…, Kivat please….”

Taiga walked into the house, blood and grime on his face and shirt from the fight, walking over to Mio and Kari. “Kivat---”

“I’ve already told them, King,” Kivat said, falling onto the table.

Present Day

Taiga sat behind his desk as he listened to Mio rant at him for asking her to take Kari and run, and he pressed his fingers to his temples in frustration.

“Mio, you have to understand why I’m asking you to take Kari and leave Tokyo,” Taiga sighed. “With the threat of a new uprising at this Sosuke bastard’s hands, I cannot risk losing the two of you. I know that you can help being Queen but keeping Kari safe is what needs to be important. She’s our only chance for the future if things go bad.”
Mar 5 2018, 11:29 PM
After the end of the Galra war, the Paladins of Voltron found themselves at peace. With starting their own families, the five Paladins found life to be pleasant. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing massive curveballs into what could be considered peaceful times. When Emperor Lotor was murdered on the throne, Galra that were still loyal to Zarkon were vying for the throne. The ensuing fights spilled over into the protected territories of the galaxy, signaling the need for Voltron once more.

Ran: Kate
Alfor: Daniel
Ember: Kate
Dihre: Daniel
Waenu: Daniel
Matt: Daniel
Paladins: Both

Shiro smiled as he watched the group of children playing in the fields, watching as Alfor pounced on Ember, his laughter filling the air. He wrapped his arm around Allura, pulling her against him.

Alfor smiled, wrapping his arms around Ember’s neck. “Got’cha, Ember,” he said with a smile, dropping down. He looked over at Ran, running over and plopping down beside her, wiggling his way under his sister’s arm. “What’cha doing, Ran? You should be playing games with our faces.”

Matt stretched and laid back, looking up at the sun before something crossed his eyes, looking up and squinting as he looked at his mother. “Hi, Mama,” he said. “Why you blocking the sunlight? Mean.” He stuck out his tongue and smiled.

Hunk snickered softly, shaking his head as he watched everyone. Waenu leaned against her father, swiping on a tablet. “Daddy, they’re all doofuses,” he said.

“They get it from their parents,” Hunk said with a smile, watching as Dihre ran rings around Lance. “Especially that one.”

“I heard that, Uncle Hunk!” Dihre laughed, yelping as Keith knocked her down. “Daddy!”
Feb 9 2018, 11:36 PM
For years the Kamen Riders have protected their home cities and worlds from monsters and even Daishocker, even getting into Wars with each other because of Daishocker before coming together in the end to defeat them.

Now when the successors of the original riders come into the world where the Original Riders are still fighting to keep the world safe, things will start to get turned upside down.

OC Riders:
Rina Hidari and Maya Sonozaki/Kamen Rider W: Kate
Kari (Kurenai) Hidari/Kamen Rider Kiva: Kate
Miyako Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O: Kate
Kida Frost/Kamen Rider DiEnd: Daniel
Koutaro Kurenai/Kamen Rider Blade: Daniel
Megumi Yamagura/Kamen Rider Dark OOO: Kate
Lily-Marie Kervoa/Kamen Rider Kabuto: Kate
Reika (Kadoya) Yamagura/Kamen Rider Decade: Kate
David Kurenai/Kamen Rider Saga: Daniel
Rain Takatsukasa/Kamen Rider Habataki: Daniel

Original Riders: Both
Dark Riders: Both

After the blinding light died down from around them and the smoke cleared, the pile of Riders started trying to untangle themselves, David wiggling his way out of the pile and helping everyone stand up. Due to fighting a Rider with a clock theme, the group of eleven had been blasted through dimensions.

David sighed, rubbing his shoulder as he helped Rina and Kari up, looking around as Kida and Megumi got up, Kida helping Reika and Rain, Koutaro helping MIyako and Lily-Marie. He looked around, his Jacorder in his hand as Sagarc beeped on his waist.

“I don’t know, Sagarc,” he said. “Maya, any idea of where we are or what’s going on?” He looked over at Rina, noting all of them were still clad in their Rider armor.

“Well, whatever happened, I’m pissed,” Kida said, twirling her DiEnd Driver around. “And I feel weird. I feel short.”
Dec 24 2017, 08:16 PM
It had been twenty years since Avatar Korra brought peace to the world after the attack from the Earth Empire led by Kuvira. Fifteen years after the end of the war, Korra was killed trying to stop an attack in the rebuilt city of Ba Sing Se where she was overpowered in a fight to save the lives of children. Her attackers had taken advantage of the fact that Korra would not stop protecting the children just to fight her off, overpowering her and causing her to lose her control on the stone she was floating, killing her and the children. With the Avatar dead, the spirit of the Avatar, a being named Raava, made her way to the next Avatar, being born in the Earth Kingdom that very same day.

Now, almost fifteen years later, the Avatar is slowly learning her abilities, moving to Republic City to live on Air Temple Island to learn from the Airbending Master, Avatar Aang’s granddaughter Jinnora. With Earthbending, Firebending, and Waterbending Masters coming from all corners of the Earth, the new Avatar is going to face threats that she never saw coming.

Avatar Chai: Kate
Tenbin, Firebending Master: Daniel
Jinnora, Airbending Master: Daniel
Dagrin, Earthbending Master: Daniel
Umeko, Waterbending Master: Daniel

Asami Sato sighed as she stepped up to the docks, having been told the new Avatar was coming into town with the White Lotus. She felt her daughter’s hand on her arm, and she smiled a bit. “I’m alright, Kori,” she said.

“Mama,” Kori said. “You’re standing on the dock waiting for Mom’s reincarnation to come into town with Dagrin and Jinnora. Plus, you haven’t hardly said three words since we left the house.”

Asami sighed, knowing Kori was right. She looked out over the water and folded her hands in front of her, looking down. “You’re right, honey,” she whispered. “It’s going to hurt seeing the new Avatar, knowing she isn’t Korra. I just have to keep that to myself and not let it distract her or me from what’s going on. It’s been fifteen years since she died, and it still hurts.”

Kori nodded and kissed her mother’s cheek. “I know, Mama. But you’ve got me still. We just have to give the new Avatar support and be there to talk with her.”

Asami nodded, looking over as the boat came into view. She stepped back and watched as it pulled into the dock, the plank dropping down. “It’s time,” she whispered.

Dagrin, the Earthbending Master from Ba Sing Se, walked down the hall and knocked on the door. “Avatar Chai? It’s time to disembark, my dear.”
Oct 15 2017, 01:23 AM
Hey guys! I just want to make a little thing here because I completely dropped the ball at Thursday being RPs seventh birthday.

When I started Roleplayers Paradise way back in 2010, I didn’t think it’d last more then a few months. The first months were rife with drama both started by others and by myself which I never intended. I’m saying it now when I should have years ago, but to everyone the drama affected, I deeply apologize for the rash and brash ways I handled things.

RP has had a lot of ups and downs over the years. We went from nearly 25 active users a week down to four consistent users for almost 4 years, and now there’s only three of us that are on everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my board, I really do, but at the start I wasn’t sure. Ask Kate, I was sure we weren’t going to last 6 months.

We’ve made a lot of changes to images that are on the individual forums, added and removed sections that did/didn’t need to be there, made things a little more friendly around the site, and there’s really no drama anymore. We’ve had a couple of troublemakers that won’t be mentioned because that ain’t how I do things, but they were dealt with quickly by the moderation staff at the time and when I’m not online.

I’ve seen boards come and go. I was on the original Power Ranger Empire and RangerCrew, HenshinJusticeUnlimited, as well as RangerVision back when it was still RangerTalk, so I’ve seen boards change hands, brands, servers, etc., and I’ve seen boards run by friends die and fall by the wayside like Sweet Escape where I first got the drive to want to make my own board and Writers Intuition that helped me remember my love of writing, but in all of that, I still called them ‘home’ when I’m online. I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do from those places, and listening to people when I needed to is a big part of why I think Roleplayers Paradise has lasted as long as it has.

So thank you to everyone that’s been a part of this wonderful board in the past and everyone that’s going to be a part of it in the future. Thank you to the wonderful staff both past and present that’s made a difference in and on the board, my wonderful girlfriend Kate/Black Siren, who kept telling me who kept telling me not to worry, Jesse/Kyle who continues to be an excellent mod with the easiest damn job in the world, Anne/Daenerys who was a mod for over three years until her departure. And to everyone that’s had a hand in making the site what it is, I hope you’ll watch us continue to grow and expand out over the next several years.

Daniel Mikel, Owner of Roleplayers Paradise
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