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Oct 15 2017, 01:23 AM
Hey guys! I just want to make a little thing here because I completely dropped the ball at Thursday being RPs seventh birthday.

When I started Roleplayers Paradise way back in 2010, I didn’t think it’d last more then a few months. The first months were rife with drama both started by others and by myself which I never intended. I’m saying it now when I should have years ago, but to everyone the drama affected, I deeply apologize for the rash and brash ways I handled things.

RP has had a lot of ups and downs over the years. We went from nearly 25 active users a week down to four consistent users for almost 4 years, and now there’s only three of us that are on everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my board, I really do, but at the start I wasn’t sure. Ask Kate, I was sure we weren’t going to last 6 months.

We’ve made a lot of changes to images that are on the individual forums, added and removed sections that did/didn’t need to be there, made things a little more friendly around the site, and there’s really no drama anymore. We’ve had a couple of troublemakers that won’t be mentioned because that ain’t how I do things, but they were dealt with quickly by the moderation staff at the time and when I’m not online.

I’ve seen boards come and go. I was on the original Power Ranger Empire and RangerCrew, HenshinJusticeUnlimited, as well as RangerVision back when it was still RangerTalk, so I’ve seen boards change hands, brands, servers, etc., and I’ve seen boards run by friends die and fall by the wayside like Sweet Escape where I first got the drive to want to make my own board and Writers Intuition that helped me remember my love of writing, but in all of that, I still called them ‘home’ when I’m online. I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do from those places, and listening to people when I needed to is a big part of why I think Roleplayers Paradise has lasted as long as it has.

So thank you to everyone that’s been a part of this wonderful board in the past and everyone that’s going to be a part of it in the future. Thank you to the wonderful staff both past and present that’s made a difference in and on the board, my wonderful girlfriend Kate/Black Siren, who kept telling me who kept telling me not to worry, Jesse/Kyle who continues to be an excellent mod with the easiest damn job in the world, Anne/Daenerys who was a mod for over three years until her departure. And to everyone that’s had a hand in making the site what it is, I hope you’ll watch us continue to grow and expand out over the next several years.

Daniel Mikel, Owner of Roleplayers Paradise
Oct 6 2017, 03:22 PM
In Tokyo, the Fangire Court rules the city from the Shadows. Only the Fangire know of their exsistance, abiding by the Laws the Queen sets: No draining humans of their life force, marry who you wish, do not start trouble. One of the laws is easy to follow. The others are more difficult for some Fangire. When the Fangire disobey the first and third rules, the wrath of the Queen is brought down upon them.

When the Court is overthrown by a man claiming to be the next King after Taiga is murdered and he reverts the Law back to how it used to be where humans are food and Fangire mrry Fangire, the Queen flees Tokyo with her son, fleeing to the one city she knows has someone that can help her: Fuuto.

HIkari Kurenai/Kiva: Kate
Hidari Shotaro: Daniel
Others: Both

"You think you can run away and hide from me, Kari?!" Sosuke yelled as he stormed through the Castle and ripped things up from the floor as he searched for Kari. "Not on your fucking life! Get your ass out here!"

Jirou growled as he helped Kari pack her bags, bouncing Wataru softly in his arm as he did. "You need to hurry. You can escape through the tunnels under the Castle," he said, looking at Kari. "Summon Doran when you're in Fuuto and we'll be there with you."
Jul 2 2017, 01:44 PM
Six years after his mother left Earth as a Green Lantern for Sector 2814, Damien Wayne was grown up and had taken up the name of Robin, but instead of doing things Bruce's way, he took up doing things his way and broke more then his fair share of bones. Being benched by Tim and starting a fight where he broke Tims wrist, Damien ran from Wayne Manor, cutting himself off from his friends and family.

A surprise came to Damien one night as a Yellow Lantern Ring came floating down to him, telling him that he was able to instill great Fear in people, recruiting him for the Sinestro Corps. Now, he faces off in the Galaxy against the people he knew as family, including Izzy.

Damien Logan/Robin: Daniel
Izzy Logan/Green Lantern: Kate
Razer: Daniel
Aliya: Kate
Others: Both

Two months ago:

Damien growled as he kicked Tim backwards, glaring at his dad. "You can't fucking bench me! I'm doing what goddamned needs to be done!"

"You're benched until you stop being a goddamned lunatic!" Tim yelled, grabbing Damien's collar and slamming him into the wall. "Do you fucking understand me, Damien?!"

"Go to hell!" Damien growled, lashing up nd breaking Tim's wrist and throwing him across the Batcave into the Batmobile, grappling up towards the staris and disappearing. He grabbed his clothes and sword and took off out of Wayne Manor, making his way into Gotham City before taking deep breaths as he sat on a rooftop.

After an hour of sitting alone in a shadow, a yellow glow caught his eyes as a Lantern Ring flew down in front of him. Damien Wayne. We have been watching you. You have the ability to instill great Fear in people. Welcome to the SInestro Corps. the Ring said, sliding itself onto Damien's hand and changing his Robin suit into something more akin to the Corps, replacing the "R" on the chest to the Sinestro Corps emblem.

Damien took off into space, smirking as he saw the portal open ahead of him that would take him to Qward. "Finally."

Present Day:

Razer looked over at Izzy, seeing how distracted she was. "Izzy?" he asked. "Are you alright? You've been quiet since we left Earth."

"She found out some bad news, kid," Hal said. "Just don't push right now."
Jun 17 2017, 05:32 PM
After the fall of Trigon, the Teen TItans settled into their own lives. Dick, changing his name to Nightwing, and Starfire moved out of the Tower and settled in Jump City proper. Cyborg moved to Steel City, though he keeps in touch with the others on occasion. Garfield, known as Beast Boy, and Raven stayed in the Tower, thinking it'd be better used as a home now that there were no massive threats to take care of, joined by Gar's adopted sister M'gann M'orrz, also known as Miss Martian. As time passed, Raven and Garfield started a relationship, resulting in their marriage.

A year later, Raven announced she was pregnant. Now parents to twins, the two former Titans are juggling normal lives with raising their babies. But, like any superhero story, sometimes tragedy strikes when you least expect it...

Garfield Logan/Beast Boy/Changeling: Daniel
Raven Logan: Kate
Adam Logan: Daniel
Izzy Logan: Kate
Dick Grayson/Nightwing: Daniel
Starfire: Kate
Others: Both

Four years ago:

Gar carried the cup of tea softly as he walked out of the door onto the roof, seeing Raven floating with her legs crossed, knowing she was meditating again. He smiled softly and sat down, setting the cup beside him.

"Hey," Raven said, opening her eyes and floating down, taking the tea and smiling lightly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Gar said, leaning his head against Raven's shoulder, taking her hand softly. "So, any new enlightenment today? Contact ghosts this time?"

"No, no ghosts," Raven said as she took a drink of her tea before turning and facing Garfield. "Garfield....I have something to tell you."

Gar blinked, looking at his wife. "I knew it. You and Kori have been sleeping together and you're running away and leaving Dick and I for a lesbian nudist colony in the mountains."

Raven blinked, shaking her head and laughing lightly. "We've toyed with the idea of that, but no," she said, shoving Gar's arm playfully. "Wait. You thought Kori and I have been sleeping together?"

"I'm a guy who spent his teenage years watching you and Kori kick ass while she wore short skirts and forgot to put underwear on sometimes, and you always had your legs out and you two spent a lot of time in each others rooms. So yeah, at some point I figured you two had been getting your freak on," Gar admitted.

"No, dear," Raven giggled with a shake of her head. "I'm being serious, Garfield."

Gar smiled and kissed Raven's cheek. "ALright, I'll be serious.

"I'm pregnant," she said, looking at Gar who froze and blinked. "Garfield? Earth to Garfield, come in."

"Pregnant?" Gar asked.

Nine months later, the two Titans welcomed their twins into the world, Adam Mark Logan and Isabel Marie Logan. It didn't take long for them to realize that Adam was the perfect blend of Gar's animal abilities and Raven's empathic and telekinetic abilities and Izzy was....normal with nothing green, purple, or powered about her.

Present Day

Adam, having been sleeping peacefully, groaned as he felt something tackle him and he heard a pair of manic giggles, opening his eye and seeing his twin sister and their friend Ana, Starfire and Nightwing's daughter sitting on his bed.

"What're you two doing...?" Adam yawned, shoving Izzy playfully and smacking Ana with his pillow.

"Girls, I told you to be easy waking him up," Gar snickered, walking in leaning against the wall. "Adam, time to get up, dude. It's almost nine and did you forget its your birthday?"

"Nou," Adam said. "I didnt' forget. Izzy's hyper about it for the both of us."
May 18 2017, 11:04 PM
Zawame City, home of the Beat Riders and the Yggdrasil Corporation. The Corporation housed a secret, however: they had found a way to tap into a different world from Earth, leading to the discovery of LockSeeds and the Invess. With the creation of the Armored Rider System and the Sengoku Drivers by Dr. Sengoku Ryoma, the threat from the Heilheim world was thought to be contained. Unfortuntely, the LockSeeds found their way into the public's hands, the Beat Riders finding a new use for the creatures they spawn: battles instead of dances.

Now, with the Heilheim making its way into our world, only the Armored Riders have a chance to stop it. With the Drivers and LockSeeds out in the public, a new generation of heroes is about to rise.

Kida Frost/Kamen Rider Ryugen: Daniel
Megumi Yamagura/Ankh/Kamen Rider Yami OOO: Kate
Other Characters: both

Thirteen Years Ago:

Matt sighed as he sat beside his daughter's bed, her fever getting worse as she got sicker. "Megumi-chan, daijobu," he whispered, kissing her head. "You'll be ok." Somehow... He bit his lip and sighed, pulling the blankets over her tighter, walking out and wrapping his arms around Reika. "Reika?"

"Matt....what about Ankh?" Reika asked, leaning back against her husband. "She's dying, Matt. I...I don't want to lose her. If Ankh's the way to keep her alive..."

"We don't even know where Ankh is," Matt said, rubbing Reika's arm. "And even if we did, there's no promise he'd do this."

As they talked, a small portal opened in the hallway, Core and Cell Medals spilling out, several red ones forming into an arm. "Goddamn it. Where the hell--" Ankh said, looking around. "Narumi Studio."

Matt watched Reika run over to Ankh, heading back into Megumi's room where he felt his daughter's pulse again. "Goddamn it," he whipsered, kissing her head. "Reika." He heard her explaining everything to Ankh, and he sighed softly.

Reika lowered her eyes, sighing softly. "Ankh, please...."

Ankh nodded. "This one time. I got used to having a body. Bein' a girl's going to be the new experiance." he said, following Reika and latching onto the four year old's arm, her hair changing from black to blonde and up in a feather-styled pattern. She sat up and shook her arm out, sighing softly. "I just felt her slip away. I'm sorry, Reika."

" least she'll live on somehow," Reika said, putting her hand on Ankh's shoulder.

Present Day:

Sitting on the edge of the stage, Kida Frost hugged her sister and kissed her cheek, telling her to go sit in the crowd that was getting ready for the danceoff. "You girls ready?" she asked, looking at her friends.

Ayumi nodded, smiling and helping Kida up. "Hai, Chief! We're ready to beat Team Baron in the dance and then in the LockBattle afterwards."

"Hai, hai!" Yuuki said, glomping Kida and hugging her neck. "Daijobu! We're gonna win!"

"We have to, ladies," Haruna said with a smirk. "Otherwise we're in second for the leaderboards and we don't want to end the season second."

"Second's better then last like Team Red Hot. They haven't got their act together at all this seasons," Ayumi said. "It kinda sucks cause they used to be really good, at least until Junochi left for America."

Making their way into the crowd, Matt, Reika, and Ankh--now looking seventeen, sat down in the middle and got ready for the show. "These are always fun," Matt said, looking at Reika.
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