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Aug 20 2017, 02:48 PM
After 10,000 years since the Galra Empire had began enslaving the universe, five humans from Earth discovered a blue mechanical Lion that took them to the far end of the galaxy, finding Princess Allura and her Advisor Coran. Together; Shiro, Lance, Keith, Pidge and Hunk found their lions and came together to form the ultimate weapon. The legendary defender Voltron.

Dispite their ups, downs and set backs, they managed to stop Zarcon, his son Lotor and the entire Galra army, bringing peace throughout the universe. But isntead of going back to Earth, they remained at the Castle of Lions and protected the planets when they needed it the most. Along the way, they managed to settle down and even start families of their own.

Ran Shirogane-Black Paladin: Kate
Ember-Red Paladin: Kate
Dihre-Blue Paladin: Daniel
Matt Holt-Green Paladin: Daniel
Waenu-Yellow Paladin: Daniel

Shiro: Daniel
Princess Allura: Kate
Lance: Daniel
Keith: Kate
Hunk: Daniel
Pidge: Kate
Coran: Daniel
Other aliens, baddies etc.: Both

One calm and peaceful day on a lush planet in the far parts of the galaxy, a castle sits in the middle of a field of flowers. Laughter fills the air as children of various age and speices ran around the field and the feet of five large mechanical lions.
May 21 2017, 10:33 AM
It all started that fateful day. Joker had drugged Superman and he killed his pregnant wife Lois thinking she was Doomsday. But that wasn't the only trick up the Clown's sleeve. He also set off a nuclear explosion that destroyed all of Metropolis and killed millions, including most of the Teen Titans.

Apon finding out that the Joker was captured, Superman rushed to the high security station that was holding him and attacked him in the middle of Batman's interogation before killing the Clown Prince of crime. With that simple act, Superman began to believe that stopping all crime before it started was a priority, even if it meant killing. Alliances that had long been together, shattered into two different sides. The Regime; a Totalitarianism world order formed by Superman that killed thousands of criminals and even innocents that didnt obey and comply, and the Insurgancy; a group created by Batman to stop Superman and his Regime.

As sides are taken and lines drawn, Batman and Lex Luthor find "Earth Prime", and Earth where Joker's plan fails and they come up with a plan to bring over heroes from that Earth to help put an end to Superman's supremacy.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Daniel
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Kate
Tim Drake/Red Robin: Daniel
Izzy Logan/Miss Martian: Kate
Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: Daniel
Laurel Lance/Black Canary: Kate
Damien Logan/Robin: Daniel
Harley Quinn: Kate
Others: Both

Everybody stood in shock and utter terror as they looked at the live news feed of Metropolis or rather what was left of the famed city after Joker detinated a nucular bomb in the city. In the most heavily guarded part of the Police Station, Batman threw a laughing Joker into the chair in the interogation room, Izzy standing on the other side of the glass beside Damien, clenching a tissue in her hand softly.
Feb 21 2017, 11:30 PM
It's no fact that the world's Superheroes are often seen with a junior hero at their side. Their sidekicks. Just as known as the heroes themselves. But sometimes even the Junior Heroes want to be just as much a hero as the mentor they train under.

In Jump City, a group of Sidekicks formed a group of their own. Helping save the city thanks to their Mentor's trachings and opening up their base of operations to wayword metas or even aliens who are in need of their help.

Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing: Daniel
Kori'andar/Starfire: Kate
Garfield Logan/Beast Boy: Daniel
Izzy Logan/Miss Martian: Kate
Rachael Roth/Raven: Kate(later)
Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle: Daniel(later)
Damien Wayne/Robin4: Daniel(later)
Adam Shepard/Steel: Daniel(later)
Kara Zor-el/Supergirl: Kate(later)
Terra Markov: Kate(later)
Random heroes/villians/creatures to be thought up later: both

It was a peaceful summer afternoon in Jump City as the T-car drove down town for their lunch destination. Izzy Logan sat in the back beside her brother Gar, watching him play on his phone. Karen stretched softly as she leaned back in her seat, Artemis sitting up in front between Dick and Wally.

As they passed the park, a bright green light fell from the sky and landed in the middle of the park, a girl emerging from the crater with bright green eyes, glaring up towards the sky.
Oct 30 2016, 11:30 AM
It all started with the Keyblade War. As those who fought for the Light began wield Keyblades to defend the very thing they stood for, the process of choosing a Master to teach these lessons onto the next generation began. The Mark of Mastery. Many years passed and three students under the Master Eraqus trained for their turn to be Masters, two further advanced in their studies. After the test, only one was chosen Master, the darkness in Terra being the deciding factor.

Before long all three had set off, while for different purposes, to stop the darkness from harming the Princesses of Heart. But as the fight waige on, all three were lost and all but forgotten. As years passed a new Keyblade Wielder by the name of Sora traveled the worlds after his was destroyed by Darkness, trying to save his friends and protect the Princesses of Heart after they began disappearing. After a fight against the Nobodies and Heartless and peace seemed to be restored across the worlds, Master Yen Sid placed Sora and Riku to their own Mark of Mastery test.

After the Test was completed, Master Yen Sid's fears came true as Xehanort has returned and with thirteen figments of himself, set to attack the seven Princesses of Heart and rebuild the X-blade and find Kingdom Hearts again. With Riku the newest Keyblade Master, he and Sora set off to find three other Keyblade Weilders who can help them stop Xehanort from finding Kingdom Hearts along with Kairi, the Princess of Heart that can weild a keyblade.

Master Aqua: Kate
Terra: Daniel
Ven: Daniel
Kairi: Kate
Sora: Daniel
Master Riku: Daniel

The Realm of Darkness. Where those who were lost in the darkness trying to protect their worlds wander aimlessly til they can called home by the Light. On the beach, a young girl sat softly and sighed as she looked out over the water, her wayfinder in her hand before she stood up and dusted her legs off softly. "Time to keep moving." Aqua said softly to herself.

What seemed like hours passed before she came across a place that seemed almost all to familiar. A place where most of their problems began, the Badlands. Aqua rubbed her arms softly as she looked around at the Realm of Darkness' version of the Badlands, shuddering softly before looking forward and seeing to figures ahead of her. She squinted softly as she walked forward, seeing the two figures backs to her before her eyes widened softly. "Terra? Ven?" she whispered.

As she got closer a smile broke across her face, breaking into a run. "Terra! Ven!" she yelled, running up to them and reaching out to them.
Oct 5 2016, 11:04 PM
After Damian Darhk stabbed and killed Laurel Lance, her family friends and community mourns the loss of their A.D.A and the Black Canary. As the war against Darhk continues to wage in Star City, the citizens begin to lose hope that their city could ever survive his plans and Team Arrow begins fall apart even further after the deception of Diggle's brother and the lose of their voice of reason.

As Lance gets his job back as Police Captain, Nyssa watches over him as Laurel would want with Sara being in the time stream as the former leader of assassins makes good on her promise to follow a lead on the recent "Black Canary" sightings. She knows as much as Lance hopes that it's Laurel, she can't fulfill his wish to raise her from the dead thanks to killing the Lazerus Pit.

With this new Canary helping as much as she can on the streets of Star City, her real question is would the City or even Team Arrow accept her even though she's not the woman who once carried the mantle.

Harley Lance/Black Canary: Kate
Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: Daniel
Thea Queen/Speey: Kate
John Diggle/Spartan: Daniel
Felicity Smoak/Overwatch: Kate
Roy Harper/Arsenal: Daniel
Quinten Lance: Daniel
Nyssa al Ghul: Kate

Harley sat outside in the hall as her parents talked, looking at Team Arrow as they sat anxiously before the young girl looked up as doctors and nurses came by with a crash cart, standing up as her father stood in the doorway as the doctors worked on her mother who was thrashing on the bed.

"Dad....?" she asked, looking between him and the doctors before hearing the flatline ring out loudly as the doctors stopped on the third attempt to revive her.

"Time of death, eleven fifty-nine P.M." The nurse said solemly, shutting the equipment down.

Harley looked over as her grandfather ran up to them, her father shaking his head softly before Quinten leaned against the wall next to him for support. Harley looked around as everything began to almost go by in slow motion, the young girl shaking her head as she backed up before running out of the ICU and out of the hospital completely.
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