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Jul 2 2017, 01:44 PM
Six years after his mother left Earth as a Green Lantern for Sector 2814, Damien Wayne was grown up and had taken up the name of Robin, but instead of doing things Bruce's way, he took up doing things his way and broke more then his fair share of bones. Being benched by Tim and starting a fight where he broke Tims wrist, Damien ran from Wayne Manor, cutting himself off from his friends and family.

A surprise came to Damien one night as a Yellow Lantern Ring came floating down to him, telling him that he was able to instill great Fear in people, recruiting him for the Sinestro Corps. Now, he faces off in the Galaxy against the people he knew as family, including Izzy.

Damien Logan/Robin: Daniel
Izzy Logan/Green Lantern: Kate
Razer: Daniel
Aliya: Kate
Others: Both

Two months ago:

Damien growled as he kicked Tim backwards, glaring at his dad. "You can't fucking bench me! I'm doing what goddamned needs to be done!"

"You're benched until you stop being a goddamned lunatic!" Tim yelled, grabbing Damien's collar and slamming him into the wall. "Do you fucking understand me, Damien?!"

"Go to hell!" Damien growled, lashing up nd breaking Tim's wrist and throwing him across the Batcave into the Batmobile, grappling up towards the staris and disappearing. He grabbed his clothes and sword and took off out of Wayne Manor, making his way into Gotham City before taking deep breaths as he sat on a rooftop.

After an hour of sitting alone in a shadow, a yellow glow caught his eyes as a Lantern Ring flew down in front of him. Damien Wayne. We have been watching you. You have the ability to instill great Fear in people. Welcome to the SInestro Corps. the Ring said, sliding itself onto Damien's hand and changing his Robin suit into something more akin to the Corps, replacing the "R" on the chest to the Sinestro Corps emblem.

Damien took off into space, smirking as he saw the portal open ahead of him that would take him to Qward. "Finally."

Present Day:

Razer looked over at Izzy, seeing how distracted she was. "Izzy?" he asked. "Are you alright? You've been quiet since we left Earth."

"She found out some bad news, kid," Hal said. "Just don't push right now."
Jun 17 2017, 05:32 PM
After the fall of Trigon, the Teen TItans settled into their own lives. Dick, changing his name to Nightwing, and Starfire moved out of the Tower and settled in Jump City proper. Cyborg moved to Steel City, though he keeps in touch with the others on occasion. Garfield, known as Beast Boy, and Raven stayed in the Tower, thinking it'd be better used as a home now that there were no massive threats to take care of, joined by Gar's adopted sister M'gann M'orrz, also known as Miss Martian. As time passed, Raven and Garfield started a relationship, resulting in their marriage.

A year later, Raven announced she was pregnant. Now parents to twins, the two former Titans are juggling normal lives with raising their babies. But, like any superhero story, sometimes tragedy strikes when you least expect it...

Garfield Logan/Beast Boy/Changeling: Daniel
Raven Logan: Kate
Adam Logan: Daniel
Izzy Logan: Kate
Dick Grayson/Nightwing: Daniel
Starfire: Kate
Others: Both

Four years ago:

Gar carried the cup of tea softly as he walked out of the door onto the roof, seeing Raven floating with her legs crossed, knowing she was meditating again. He smiled softly and sat down, setting the cup beside him.

"Hey," Raven said, opening her eyes and floating down, taking the tea and smiling lightly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Gar said, leaning his head against Raven's shoulder, taking her hand softly. "So, any new enlightenment today? Contact ghosts this time?"

"No, no ghosts," Raven said as she took a drink of her tea before turning and facing Garfield. "Garfield....I have something to tell you."

Gar blinked, looking at his wife. "I knew it. You and Kori have been sleeping together and you're running away and leaving Dick and I for a lesbian nudist colony in the mountains."

Raven blinked, shaking her head and laughing lightly. "We've toyed with the idea of that, but no," she said, shoving Gar's arm playfully. "Wait. You thought Kori and I have been sleeping together?"

"I'm a guy who spent his teenage years watching you and Kori kick ass while she wore short skirts and forgot to put underwear on sometimes, and you always had your legs out and you two spent a lot of time in each others rooms. So yeah, at some point I figured you two had been getting your freak on," Gar admitted.

"No, dear," Raven giggled with a shake of her head. "I'm being serious, Garfield."

Gar smiled and kissed Raven's cheek. "ALright, I'll be serious.

"I'm pregnant," she said, looking at Gar who froze and blinked. "Garfield? Earth to Garfield, come in."

"Pregnant?" Gar asked.

Nine months later, the two Titans welcomed their twins into the world, Adam Mark Logan and Isabel Marie Logan. It didn't take long for them to realize that Adam was the perfect blend of Gar's animal abilities and Raven's empathic and telekinetic abilities and Izzy was....normal with nothing green, purple, or powered about her.

Present Day

Adam, having been sleeping peacefully, groaned as he felt something tackle him and he heard a pair of manic giggles, opening his eye and seeing his twin sister and their friend Ana, Starfire and Nightwing's daughter sitting on his bed.

"What're you two doing...?" Adam yawned, shoving Izzy playfully and smacking Ana with his pillow.

"Girls, I told you to be easy waking him up," Gar snickered, walking in leaning against the wall. "Adam, time to get up, dude. It's almost nine and did you forget its your birthday?"

"Nou," Adam said. "I didnt' forget. Izzy's hyper about it for the both of us."
Apr 30 2017, 11:45 AM
Sixteen years ago, Gwen Stacy was killed by the Green Goblin, leaving her boyfriend Peter Parker--also known as the Amazing Spider-Man--to raise their daughter alone. Over time, Peter had minor relationships that never went anywhere concrete, his heart always hurting for Gwen once again. As time passed, Peter became a high school science teacher, still taking photos of himself as Spider-Man for the Daily Bugle.

Now, his daughter May is sixteen and learning about her own Spider-powers, having been born with them. As the Amazing Spider-Girl makes her debut, a new threat rises from OsCorp. Having used alien symbiotes to further their research, several new Spider-Men make their way into the City, each one thinking they're the real Spider-Man. But there is one other surprise for the Parker family that's going to shake up their entire world.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Daniel
May Parker/Spider-Girl: Kate
Jake Watson: Daniel
Various Spider-Man Clones: Daniel
Gwen Stacy: Kate

"May, come on!" Peter hollered, shaking his head as he waited for May to come downstairs. "You're gonna be late, and if you're late that means I'm late, and the principal's looking for reasons to write me up for shit. Come on, webhead."

Sixteen years have gone by for PEter since Gwen died, leaving him to raise their daughter on his own, When Aunt May died five years before, Peter knew that his daughter was the only thing left in his life worth waking up for. Now a teacher for Midtown High, he was impatiently waiting for her to come downstairs so tehy could get to the school.
Mar 19 2017, 08:15 PM
One was a pirate who'd been dealt a bad hand. One was a princess from a doomed planet that broke him out of his shell. With their friends, they pushed back the Empire and saved the galaxy, taking their Galleon, daughter, and pet lion on a world trip and sometimes out into space. What nobody knew, not even Ryou, was that despite haing been tied up and tortured by the Black Cross Empire on occasion, Demi had developed a liking to it. Now the fun part was trying to tell Ryou.

Demi (Gomez) Takahashi: Kate
Ryou Takahashi: Daniel

Ryou smiled softly and kissed Angel's head as he laid her down for the night, Keilo the lion cub running in and climbing up on the bed and laying beside her. He pulled the blankets up and turned off the light, plugging the nightlight in. "Good night, sweetie," he said, walking out and shutting the door nearly all the way.

He walked back out into the main room and wrapped his arms around Demi's waist, his wife bent over at the large computer in the corner. He smiled as she jumped, snickering softly and kissing her neck lightly. " when you jump, baby," he said, giving her a squeeze. "Having fun?" He looked up at the screen, trying to see what she was looking up. "What're you looking up, babe?"
Feb 5 2017, 01:52 PM
The world is full of Metahumans, superheroes, and supervillains. While the world has the Justice League to look up to for saving them, who do they turn to when the threat is something the League won't even touch? That's where Amanda Waller comes in. With the funding from the government, Waller specializes in creating "Task Forces" that deal with threats the Superheroes don't want to, and if something goes wrong, her task force gets the blame due to being made of disposable garbage that nobody wants to put in jail with normal people. With assassins, Metahumans, Martians, and more on her team, Waller sends them to where she needs them.

Amanda Waller--Daniel
Thea Snart/White Canary--Kate
Rusev Kravinov/Puppeteer--Daniel
Ami Sonozaki/Cheetah--Kate
Clinton Reagan/Horus--Daniel
K'thrin K'nne/Martian Huntress--Kate
Artemis Rollins/Scarlett Samurai--Daniel

Sitting in her cell in the middle of Belle Reve Penitentary, Artemis Rollins, known more as Scarlett Samurai, sighed as she threw a ball against the wall, tugging at the collar on her neck. "FUck, we're already locked in here. What makes you think I'll just vibrate my way out?" she muttered. "Only thing vibrating's good for is a bit of selfie fun. Deranged bat."

Down the hall, Clinton Reagan, known to Hub City as the on-and-off hero/villain depending on his mood, Horus, sat on his knees in the middle of the cell, his eyes closed as he had his hands folded in his lap. "Soon enough the time to spread our wings will be at hand. Someday soon will we be able to once more feel the sun against our golden back."

Across from Clinton, Rusev Kravinov, the mad mechanical genius called Puppeteer, paced back and forth in his cell, muttering about new plans for his next batches of Puppets. "Monsters, kid's toys, mascots, video game heroes. Superhero Puppets? Oh, that'd be fun. Hehehehehe might even make one based on the WHale Witch upstairs!" he laughed, giggling as he jumped around. "Have to make her compact so the fat ass can fit in a door!"
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