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Mar 19 2017, 08:15 PM
One was a pirate who'd been dealt a bad hand. One was a princess from a doomed planet that broke him out of his shell. With their friends, they pushed back the Empire and saved the galaxy, taking their Galleon, daughter, and pet lion on a world trip and sometimes out into space. What nobody knew, not even Ryou, was that despite haing been tied up and tortured by the Black Cross Empire on occasion, Demi had developed a liking to it. Now the fun part was trying to tell Ryou.

Demi (Gomez) Takahashi: Kate
Ryou Takahashi: Daniel

Ryou smiled softly and kissed Angel's head as he laid her down for the night, Keilo the lion cub running in and climbing up on the bed and laying beside her. He pulled the blankets up and turned off the light, plugging the nightlight in. "Good night, sweetie," he said, walking out and shutting the door nearly all the way.

He walked back out into the main room and wrapped his arms around Demi's waist, his wife bent over at the large computer in the corner. He smiled as she jumped, snickering softly and kissing her neck lightly. " when you jump, baby," he said, giving her a squeeze. "Having fun?" He looked up at the screen, trying to see what she was looking up. "What're you looking up, babe?"
Feb 5 2017, 01:52 PM
The world is full of Metahumans, superheroes, and supervillains. While the world has the Justice League to look up to for saving them, who do they turn to when the threat is something the League won't even touch? That's where Amanda Waller comes in. With the funding from the government, Waller specializes in creating "Task Forces" that deal with threats the Superheroes don't want to, and if something goes wrong, her task force gets the blame due to being made of disposable garbage that nobody wants to put in jail with normal people. With assassins, Metahumans, Martians, and more on her team, Waller sends them to where she needs them.

Amanda Waller--Daniel
Thea Snart/White Canary--Kate
Rusev Kravinov/Puppeteer--Daniel
Ami Sonozaki/Cheetah--Kate
Clinton Reagan/Horus--Daniel
K'thrin K'nne/Martian Huntress--Kate
Artemis Rollins/Scarlett Samurai--Daniel

Sitting in her cell in the middle of Belle Reve Penitentary, Artemis Rollins, known more as Scarlett Samurai, sighed as she threw a ball against the wall, tugging at the collar on her neck. "FUck, we're already locked in here. What makes you think I'll just vibrate my way out?" she muttered. "Only thing vibrating's good for is a bit of selfie fun. Deranged bat."

Down the hall, Clinton Reagan, known to Hub City as the on-and-off hero/villain depending on his mood, Horus, sat on his knees in the middle of the cell, his eyes closed as he had his hands folded in his lap. "Soon enough the time to spread our wings will be at hand. Someday soon will we be able to once more feel the sun against our golden back."

Across from Clinton, Rusev Kravinov, the mad mechanical genius called Puppeteer, paced back and forth in his cell, muttering about new plans for his next batches of Puppets. "Monsters, kid's toys, mascots, video game heroes. Superhero Puppets? Oh, that'd be fun. Hehehehehe might even make one based on the WHale Witch upstairs!" he laughed, giggling as he jumped around. "Have to make her compact so the fat ass can fit in a door!"
Oct 30 2016, 11:31 AM
After the war with Meran and turning in their Morphers, Jayden Reeves and Natsumi Hidari returned to Fuuto. Upon returning, it was a surprise to everyone that Natsumi finally found a boyfriend, even if he was over three thousand years old. Despite thinking that they were safe in Fuuto, what neither of them realize is that some old wounds don't close that easily and that sometimes enemies come back to fight again.

Jayden Reeves: Daniel
Natsumi HIdari: Kate
David Nakamura/Kamen Rider Rey: Daniel
Rina HIdari/Kamen Rider W: Kate
Maya Sonozaki/Kamen Rider W: Kate
Others: Both

Looking around as the plane landed, Jayden glanced around Fuuto. Having been to Japan over a hundred and fifty years before, he remembered when it was mostly hills and farms. "Wow," he said. "Been a long time since I've been here." He walked with Natsumi to the baggage claim and picked up their bags, looking at her. "Well, lead on, Greeny. I don't know this town." He stuck his togue out and grinned.
Sep 20 2016, 06:16 PM
A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away...

The Galactic Empire was on the rise. Having been unoppsed for nearly fourteen years, the Empire was rolling through the known Galaxy and claiming worlds and lives for their own might. Using Stormtroopers and the great Sith Lord, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine was controlling everything using an iron fist.

Despite this, the Empire had resistance. Ashoka Tano, Darth Vader's former apprentice from the days of the Clone Wars, had joined with a small group of rebels that were bent on stopping the Empire: Mandalorian girl, a Jedi In training, a human, and a Twi'lek. With Ashoka and her daughter's help, the six set off to try and stop the Empire.

Vader, however, has his own tricks to stop the rebels....

Kenna Tano: Kate
Jadadd Crawcolc: Daniel
Others: Both

On board the Ghost, Ezra sighed as he laid back on the bed and stared up at the cieling. He couldn't shake the feeling that something big was about to happen and that Kenna was going to be right in the middle of it. He knew she was still mourning Ashoka after the fight against Vader in the Temple, and he wished he could do something to help her.

Kanan sighed as he sat in the co-pilot's seat, looking at Hera. "I dobut Ashoka's dead," he said. "She's too resliant for that. She survived the CLone Wars and Order 66. She won't fall to Vader."
Jul 20 2016, 12:53 AM
Two years after Aya's death at the Hand of Creation, the particles that made up the Intereptor's AI found their way to a planet where they were drawn to a dying a woman named Aliya. The young woman's body accepted Aya's stardust remains, the two becoming a single being, Aya taking on the young woman's identity and becoming a Green Lantern shortly after. When she was tasked by the Guardians to go with the crew of the Interceptor, she and the Blue Lantern on board, Razer, began a relationship that resulted in the two getting married after Aliya told Razer that she was really Aya, though to avoid much confusion she still calls herself Aliya.

Two years later, with the death of Hal Jordan by Thaal Sinestro as the first Yellow Lantern, the crew of the Interceptor are preparing for the next big fight: the War of Light. Being sent around the Galaxy to find and recruit people to their cause, they all learn more about the varied Lantern Corps that exsist. Standing in their way of gathering all the Corps, however, is Atrocitious, the leader of the Red Lanterns. Wanting revenge on Razer, he'll stop at nothing to kill everyone on the Interceptor to get what he wants.

Razer: Daniel
Aliya: Kate
Kilowag: Daniel
Atrocitous: Daniel
Izzy Logan: Kate
Dynasty Kinimoto: Daniel
Tala: Kate
Asha T'soni: Daniel
Others: Both

Having been sailing the Galaxy for three months after their wedding, Razer and Aliya sat at the console of the Interceptor, Kilowag flying the ship as they went through the stars. With Hal Jordan returning to Earth a month prior, the ship was not in as much danger as it used to be.

"Has there been any news on Jordan, Kilowag?" Razer asked, turning and looking at his long time friend. "He said he would update us on his days with Ms. Ferris when he could."

"I ain't heard from him," Kilowag said with a shrug of his massive shoulders. I asked the Guardians and they ain't seen him or talked to him in a few days. Not even the two other Earth Lanterns have seen him or Carol."

"I hope they're alright," Razer said.
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