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Jan 14 2012, 08:55 PM
I saw this thread on HJU and thought it would be fun to talk about here. With the upcoming Sentai/Rider movie which team are you rooten for?

As much as i love Sentai i think im going to be on Team Tsukasa i mean Rider side. I mean don't get me wrong i have no hate for Sentai i just prefer Riders. Ive seen more of them and i generally like the story and ideas that come from them. Itll be an interesting movie no doubt.

Edit:No flaming of any kind plox. I think we all would like to keep this fun and light hearted. =D
Sep 28 2011, 08:21 PM
Fate has a strange way of putting things into perspective for people. Like how one can make it from one day to a next and still be in pain. Or just be in complete bliss. Being the cities protector as well as the one to gather the medals was and still isn't easy for the masked rider. But what happens when he gets tangled up into webs more then what he expected. This is of such a tale.

Eiji Hino-Hino Eiji
Ankh/Shingo Izumi-Hino Eiji

Mezuru-Blazing Tiger
Hina Izumi-Blazing Tiger


She felt her feet scrap against the road as she pulled herself along. Being defeated by OOO was getting her down. She didn't even have all her medals anymore. She groaned and leaned against the tree as she grabbed at her chest. The water greeed known as Mezuru panted softly. Gamel was no where to be found. Even if she was using him for his strength she needed him to lean on now. "Gamel." she coughed softly. Her world would then go black and she lost her way of knowing what was going on around her.
Sep 26 2011, 07:01 PM
For years the city had been divided been divided between which hero’s to take sides with. Both sets of hero’s defended the city of Rosemary California all the same. The Power Rangers, who dressed in brightly colored suits used the power of the animals and elements to their use. The Kamen Riders, a little darker in suits use the powers of brute force and strength to fight off evil. Though strangely the two forces could not get along.

Most of these though were every day high school students. They went to school, did homework when not saving the world and even fought at school. What happens when a new force comes to town and threatens the city. It seems both the Kamen Riders and Power Ranger can’t do it without the other. Will the students work together to end the force? Or will they kill each other before the evil force can kill them?

Power Rangers
Eric Robin-Red Wind Ninja-Blazing Tiger
Demi Gomez-Unleashed Pink-Raven
Emma Kherington-Yellow Ptera-Galatica
Xander Forrester-S.P.D. Green-MagiMermaid
Ryoutaro Kougami-Unleashed Red-Hino Eiji
Amber Hale-S.P.D. Nova Ranger-Finnick Odair

Ayame Osaka-Kamen Rider Saga-Blazing Tiger
Rina Shiratori and Maya:-Kamen Rider W-Raven
Logan Bentley-Kamen Rider Kabuto-MagiMermaid
Ryuu Souichi-Kamen Rider Accel-Hino Eiji

Lord Trident/Principal Reyes-Blazing Tiger
Sierra Gamben-Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto-MagiMermaid

Id really love it if we were all at the school. You know because this is a high school rp. Don't worry it will pick up but just for now at school. Thanks everyone for signing up again. ;D Love yall.

He cussed a loud as he slid down his staircase of his house. He had been up fighting again and then came home just to do homework for class. Once again oversleeping was an option he wished wasn't. Eric Robin grabbed a piece of toast and high fived his father as he left. "Late again. Be home later." he shouted as his toast went down in one swallow.

He used his old skateboard tricks to get him to school. Then again being an air ninja had its perks sometimes. He smirked as he undid his helmet and looked at the big clock. "I can still make it." He breathe softly as he headed into school.

Her locker jammed again. Her face went from happy to angry in no time flat. "How the hell?" she played with the locker more. She head a noise in the locker. "Sagarc hush." Ayame Osaka hissed as she finally got the locker opened. Looking around the disc like saucer went from the locker to her backpack in no time flat. "Now don't get me busted." The asain female spoke. If anything she can avoid it all and go on.

He smirked as he walked down the hallways. Keeping the students in line was top priority or so he was making them to believe. Principal Reyes bumped into one of the students and went into carrying mode. "Oh my. I am sorry. Are you okay?" he helped the younger lad up.

The student looked like he was going to get in trouble for running but when he was shown compassion he smiled and shook his head. "I am so sorry principal. I was going to be late and wasn't watching." he babbled on.

Reyes waved his finger and shook his head. "No harm done. Just get to class and learn." And with that the student left.

"Such foolish people live here." Reyes thought as he walked back down the halls.
Sep 26 2011, 06:48 PM
Game Thread

This is where we shall talk about this rp type thingy. Im probably about to start this bad boy up. Id really like thoughts and what not and just to see how well this is going to go.
Sep 22 2011, 07:02 PM
Does anyone here have a Tumblr? Its a blog like site. It's where i spend a lot of time actually. xD Im addicted. If so lets follow each other there. Ive met some oober nice peeps there. They in the toku fandom too. o.o

My Tumblr. Follow me. =D
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