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Nov 22 2011, 09:15 PM

It the year of 2035 as it seems earth and aliens has been living together as one peacefully still. SPD was still in charge of protecting the city from the crime that is happening in the street. The peace now has been destroy as it seems a evil man name Lardon has made an appearance. He “declared “war” on earth as he want to take it over. Lardon with his form of what he call doom warriors attack the city. Once this happen that when Commander Sky Tate made the choice it was time for the SPD Power Rangers to appear once again to defend the city. He had Kat remodel the morphs for them to have a four man team for this job.


Power Rangers:
SPD Nova Ranger - Ruth Ann Park - Liz4whiteranger
SPD Red Ranger - Silver Fox -Liz4whiteranger
SPD Blue Ranger - Colin Tyler- Cheshire1996
SPD Yellow Ranger - May Evans - Cheshire1996

Sky Tate - Me
Kat - Me

Landor - Me
Doom Warriors - Both
Pandora - Cheshire1996


The city was still been rebuild it seems after the attack from this evil force that called himself Landon. Landon along with his right hang Pandora it seems destroy one of the main part of the city with his Doom Warriors. At the headquarters of SPD Delta word was buzzing around about there going to be a new set of rangers that will protect the city. Everyone was wondering if they will be chosen to be apart of this group. No one really had no clue who were the luck officers would be. Sky Tate was inside of his office as he looked over at the case. He ran his fingers across the top of it as he looked up at Kat.

“So, are they on their way.”

Kat given him a soft nod.

“We are waiting on them to arrived now to the conference room. I believe we going to have a great team on our hands.”

Sky lean back into his chair a bit as he looked over at a picture on his desk of when he was a power ranger along with his friends.

“I bet they won’t be as great as us.”

Kat laughs softly as Sky got up out of his chair as they walked down the hallways towards the meeting room now. Meanwhile Silver Fox was sitting in the lunch room as he was looking at the time. He pick up his tray as he walked over to the trash can and threw out the trash. He notice some girls was talking in a corner as they giggles and whispers. Silver closed his eyes as he knew what was going to happen next. One of the girls walked over to him as she shy fully look down as she hand him her little pad. Silver took her pad from her hand as he wrote his name in it as he looked over at her.

“I would like for you to just see me as one of your fellow officers for now on. Please. That part of my life is over with.”

The girls nods softly as she walked back over to the girls as they giggle as he place his hands inside of his pocket walking down the hallway. He was wondering why Commander Sky need to see him and what all this was all about. He walked over to the meeting room as he hit a few numbers as the door slide open. He looked inside of the room and notice that Ruth Ann Park was sitting there at the big desk. Silver walked inside as she smirks looking up at him.

“So you got called here also.”

Silver nods softly as he walked over to a chair and sat down across from her as he looked over at her.

“It seems you are here also.”

Ruthann look over at the time as she looked over at him.

“I wonder who else is coming to this special meeting.”

Nov 21 2011, 11:42 PM
I have been actually trying to come up with another game. For some reason i don't know why but i want to do one mix of wrestling with Power Rangers somehow. I thought up something so far. i just want to know if it sound cheesy.. please please be honest and reply thanks.

The Wrestlers from many of wrestling companies has made it their business to go out there every night to show their passion for a sport they love. They are in love with the sport of wrestling and the fans of this world look up to them as role models. What if now the world will need to look up towards these wrestlers as the help for mankind.

In the middle of the night something came crushing down on to the earth like a big fire balls. People was thinking it was the end of the world as a ship landed on the planet in New York City. Soon it seems strange looking aliens came off the ship as they look at the humans. They declared war on them and told them they will give them at least a week to either survive or they will kill them all. The ship then goes back into space.

As people was wondering who or what can stand up against them. The government was working hard to try to figure this out. That when a female Scientist by the name Alexis Blake step forward. She told them about some technology she had worked on told them we will need the power of the Power Ranger to defend them. They loved the idea but wonder who she believe will be the best suit for this as she stood there with a smile on her face.

That when it seems specials calls had gone out towards Dixie Cater and Vince McMahan about how they will be in need of their help. They ask between them both they will have to send a totally of 7 wrestlers from their companies to be use to help to save the world. At first they both thought this was strange but they made the choice for the world to be save. They will work together to do this.
Nov 18 2011, 06:56 PM
Name: Ruth Ann Marie Park
Age - 26
Ranger Designation - S.P.D. Nova Ranger
Appearance -
Gear -S.P.D. Nova Morpher, Nova Cycle
Ranger Gear -Nova Morpher (Only With Electro Mode at first)
Zords -Nova Runners 1, 2 and 3 (Similar to Mercury Ranger rescue zords)
Genetic Ability - Force Field Generation

Personality - She seems like she a hard person. She always walking around with a serious look on her face but really she is friendly person. It will take awhile for her to open up towards someone but once she does it a totally different person. She is great fighter who also love to ride her motorcycle whenever she can. She also has a bit of a tempter but only show it once she is push.

History - Ruth Ann Marie Park had worked with SPD for years. She was once part of A-Squad when she was at the age of 18. She was the first youngest member to join them best on her fighting skills and all the tests she had passed which would take many years to do but something happen while she was on the team. She just let her fist do the talking one day when she should have just let it be. She now has been working inside of the “labs” doing desk work every since. No one really know why she have done what she did but every since them. Everyone kind of took stood away from her.

Kat has been a great friend for her every since then and once Kat knew about this new threat. Kat show up to Ruth Ann’s room and give her this look. Ruth Ann had a feeling this would be the chance she have been waiting for. She is ready to show why she came to SPD to be the best law officer as possible. She had this dream every since she was a little girl when her mother was found died in New Tech City. SPD did their best and found the person who have killed her mother. She had to lived in the foster system without a family since of the age of 10 because of what happen. She always want to make a different in the world just like how that SPD officer had.

Name: Sliver Fox
Age - 27
Ranger Designation - S.P.D. Red Ranger
Appearance -
Gear -Coming soon
Ranger Gear - Coming soon
Zords - coming soon
Genetic Ability - Coming soon

Personality - He seems like the loner of the group. He kind of stick to himself as he always the quiet one and really much don’t say anything. Once speak up thought everyone listen to him and he has the voice that kind just let the girls fall in love with him. It kind of deep and he has that mysterious factor about him.

History - Silver Fox at the age of 10 had lost his parents in a car accident. That when it seems Silver start to stay to himself as he got older thought. He start turning to pen and paper as he was living in the New Tech City Home for kids. As he got older the pen and paper he realized was the tick he need to make it big in the city.

That what happen by the age 20 he was the biggest rapper/singer in the city. Then his life hit heart attack once more and that when the love his life had gone shot by killed. It seems another company wanted Silver to signed with them. Silver learn it was someone from this company who set this up and made the choice to stop with his music. As he was living underground so to speak that when he made the choice to join up with SPD Patrol Delta. He believe it was a place for him to be where he can just start new and fresh with is life. He works in one of the many offices there as he was working on something for one of the commanders. That when he was asked to be send my Commander Sky. That when he life change into something he never saw coming.
Nov 8 2011, 11:48 PM

Nov 8 2011, 09:25 PM
A young woman arrived at The School of Magic. It a College where people will go to learn about magic. The young woman really didn’t want to go there but her parents told her it in her blood for her to learn. As she is there she befriend a young boy. What kind of adventures would before for these two?

List of Characters -
Kimberly Tess - New Girl - liz4whiteranger
Hector Blue - School Bully -liz4whiteranger
Miss. Brown - Teacher of the school - liz4whiteranger
Jake Murdock - ForeverSilver
Alison Murdock - ForeverSilver


It seems to be a peaceful day as the sun was shinning brightly within the sky. It seems people between the ages of 17 and up were walking down the street towards this building. The building happen to be the School of Magic. They were going here to learn the trade of magic. Some students was hanging around on the front yard as they waited for school to start. Hector Blue who is one of the top students there smirk as he was walking around. He walked over to one kid as he the kid blinks as he hand over something to Hector and his little group just smiled. Hector notice a young black woman seems to be lost as she was standing in front of the school with a lost look. Hector walked over to the girl with a soft smile.

“Can I help you?”

The young woman just shrugs softly as she looked back at him.

“No I am fine. I believe I could figure out things.”

Hector just smirks as it snapped his fingers as the woman book bag appear in his hand. The young woman walked over to him as she growls over at him.

“Get me my bag!”

Hector then point his finger as she started to flow it seems into the air as she couldn’t believe.


The young woman demanded as Hector left her flowing in the air as he goes inside of the school.
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